Automobiles by the Harbour – Toldboden in July

It has been almost four years since I moved to Denmark and I hate to admit that it is very rarely, when I go to a car show or automotive-related event. Last year I attended the famous Copenhagen Grand Prix and… that was it.


I think I do not need to tell you how happy I was when my friend, Nowzar, invited me to a photo meet-up at Toldboden to shoot cars. Turns out every Tuesday classic car lovers drive their machines to the harbour, right next to the canal, The Little Mermaid and St. Alban’s Church. They drink coffee, discuss about cars whilst their machines are on display competing for the ‘Car of the Week’ title and a dinner at the Toldboden Restaurant.

Toldboden July 2018 (7)
You drive classics? You drink coffee!


And the automobiles were simply stunning. I have attended few meet-ups in Poland but on none were there so many unique classics, in such a variety. And although I cannot remember all of the cars from that day, there were at least two Porsche 356 Speedsters, Mercedes 190SL and W113 Pagoda – two of each, few Mustangs, lots of MGs, Lamborghini Uracco and to top the old ones with a new, a brutal Porsche 911 GT2 RS.


But as a picture says more than a thousand words, hope you will get the overall event atmosphere from the pictures below. Trust me, I will be back there soon.

Toldboden July 2018 (1)Toldboden July 2018 (6)Toldboden July 2018 (5)Toldboden July 2018 (4)Toldboden July 2018 (3)Toldboden July 2018 (11)Toldboden July 2018 (14)Toldboden July 2018 (9)Toldboden July 2018 (13)Toldboden July 2018 (8)Toldboden July 2018 (16)Toldboden July 2018 (15)Toldboden July 2018 (10)Toldboden July 2018 (17)Toldboden July 2018 (18)

Text & Photos: Adam Pękala ©

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